Category: Smoothies

Beet & banana smoothie

Cut the banana and beet into smaller pieces. Add all other ingredients to a container (or smoothie mixer) and mix. Remember that proper digestion is not to drink the smoothie, but to eat. Your saliva gives enzymes to your digestive system with the food. Therefore, chew each bite few times before swallowing.

Cocoa post-workout smoothies

The composition of these smoothies is suitable as the first post workout dish, as it contains proteins and carbohydrates in a ratio of 1: 4 and only a minimal amount of fat. Honey and banana are fast-absorbing carbohydrates, oat flakes are slower. Soy flakes and soy milk are a source of essential amino acids supplemented with proteins from oat flakes. If you need more protein, you can also add protein powder to the recipe. The ingredients for suppressing inflammation caused by intense exercise are ginger and cinnamon. Spinach is rich in vitamins and various other micronutrients such as iron, zinc, potassium, magnesium and folic acid.