Chickpea-avocado porridge

Ingredients per serving:

  • 50g chickpeas (or 125g canned),
  • 1/2 ripe avocado,
  • 20g ground walnuts,
  • 10g raisins,
  • 10ml maple syrup.

Soak the dried chickpeas in water the day before. The next day, pour the water and cook the chickpeas for about 60 minutes. Strain the cooked chickpeas and pour them into a bowl. You can skip this step if you have canned chickpeas.

Cut the avocado in half and dig out the pulp with a spoon and add to the bowl. If you want a sweet taste, add maple syrup or another sweetener. Mix the whole mixture with a stick mixer.

Finally, add ground walnuts and dried raisins.

Tip: if you want thinner porridge, add 50-100ml of vegetable milk.

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