The perfect sweet temptation from the rest of the Christmas honeycakes


  • 500g honey cake,
  • 350g butter,
  • 300ml water,
  • 150g ground walnuts,
  • 100g honey.

For decoration:

  • frozen forest fruits,
  • gelatin.

You all know this, you look forward to Christmas more than your children and to baking Christmas cakes even more. You start with honey cakes and wait until Christmas until they soften. And if they don't soften until New Year's Eve, they'll end up in the trash. Well, I was sorry, so I came up with this recipe.

Mix the honey cakes and add ground walnuts, honey, melted butter and water. Stir in a solid dough. Fill the cups with this dough. Place frozen fruit on top and pour gelatin. Prepare it according to the instructions on the packaging. Wait until the gelatin hardens and we can serve. Bon appetite!

Tip: skúste pred konzumáciou zohriať túto dobrotu 10-20 sekúnd v mikrovlnke a dosiahnete ešte vyšší level 😉

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